Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Welcome to our Autumn Garden

Hello there...welcome to our autumn home and garden. It's dahlia time once again, and I just knew you would love for me to share the beauties that we grew this year. One big difference was that we were able to winter over all our tubers (we dug them up) and didn't have to buy any. We actually remembered to wet them down each month during the winter. One result was that we got more of individual flowers and less variety. An interesting change.

A really nice patch of dahlias, and I have so enjoyed them.

We got a variety of 'mutated' dahlias this year, interesting specimens.

 This one was a two sided dahlia, with two different dahlias grown right together. Two sides, one bloom. At least they color co-ordinated.

And yes, it is an Autumn garden now days. 

Virginia Creeper is brilliant

Burning bush and autumn sedum

Sumac just starting to turn

And lovely crab apples putting on fruit and leaves changing. Yes, definitely 
autumn colors. But the leaves are still on and theres a bit of Indian Summer left too. I love this time of year in the garden. Hope you do too!

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