Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tea Time Anyone?

I have so many photos to show, that I hardly know where to begin! We have had so much family fun around here, with Julie, Ben, Amelia and Jameson's visit, and Kory's wedding. One day last week, the three of us girls decided to slip away to Redmond and a tea room there. We had been talking about going there for the last couple of years, and we finally made that happen!
It was a great time, great food and a great little shop.
Julie, Amelia and I all had smiling faces, and happy hearts.
Beautiful china always makes me happy...

We had two pots of tea, one was a pumpkin spice, and a cranberry scone each with clotted cream and lemon curd. Doesn't sound like it would be good together, but oh boy!! Then we each picked a dessert. Amelia picked a 'butterfly cupcake' shown above, perfect for 9-year-old girls.
I can never get enough lemon, so I picked a lemon torte...
and Julie picked a pumpkin spice cake. All were delicious!

Full and happy we enjoyed it to the last sip. Here's to you Millie : )


Peter Jones said...

loved it I showed it to bronwin she loved it :)
love you millie

Peter Jones said...

Sure was fun, Mom!