Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Fun Time at the Harney County Fair

We have been spending a bit more time in Burns with my in-laws this summer, which has been fun. In September, we enjoyed attending the Harney County Fair and activities with them. Dad was a good sport and enjoyed everything right along with us. We got up early and went to an annual 'Cowbells Breakfast', which is what the ranch wives call themselves. Actually, the wives get to enjoy while the ranchers grill up steaks, eggs and pancakes for breakfast. A big crowd as usual.

We enjoyed the fair as usual, stopping for breaks every once in a while. We saw all the exhibits, a horse race or two, the 4-H animals and a couple of the shows. 
 And of course, we enjoyed some of the fair food. A treat to look forward to every year. The Harney County Paiute Indian Tribe has a booth where they cook up Indian taco's on Indian fry bread. Mom especially loves those.
And finally, a friend of Mom's contributed two items of hers to the fair, and she won a 2nd prize on both of them. This is a photo of Mom and a photo she took, that won a 2nd in the photography section. That was fun to have her entries there.

Harney County Fair is a fun place, with cowboys (big & little) everywhere, horse races and a great little rodeo, The weather was great also, not too hot and not too cold. o glad we could all be there.

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Peter Jones said...

this was a fun post we are packing are bags yah!