Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Busy Schedules

When I was a working gal, I always pictured retirement like this in my mind's eye. Unfortunately, this comes all too infrequently in my mornings now. But when it does, it's a sweet thing. I have learned that 'busy' is a word in all our lives today, working or retired. I have to work at finding space in my schedule, finding peace in my everyday life, just like most of us women. I am hoping that November will be a quiet peaceful month this year, with time abounding for reading God's Word.
Autumn has been a lovely season this year, with gorgeous colors and mild temps. So much to savor and enjoy!
May November be a blessed month at your house too!


Peter Jones said...

liked this post it really made me want to read my bible.
love you lots Millie

Jennie and Julie said...

Love you lots and lots too! That is a great response, and I could ask for nothing more than for you to love to read your Bible!