Monday, November 21, 2016

It's Good To Have Family!

 We traveled to Woodland recently, to help Joy & Kirk & Macy move. They decided to downsize for a while, and sold their big house now that most of the kids are grown and on their own. I must say that I think moving is on everyone's list of NOT favorite things to do. Necessary but not easy. At least we did have beautiful fall weather, and all our moving was done between rain showers.
 We had the senior brigade helping out. The insurance man and I, and Kirk's dad Bob and stepdad Danny. Kirk and his brother Kevin worked hard while Joy and I and Macy packed and then unpacked.
 They moved into an unusual rental place. Their friend Jeff had taken an old house and renovated it (it is rented and occupied) and then built a large (2000+ sq ft) apartment over the garage. It is a beautiful place, and I thought I'd post a few photos so you can see where they moved to.
 Main Bathroom...
 Main living space on 1st floor (with stairs in background leading up to the apartment)
 The room that will be their office and work space (lots of light)
 They have doors going out to balconies all around the 1st floor..

And the family area upstairs on their 2nd floor.

It is a beautiful apartment, and Jeff's work is wonderful. It's new construction made to look and feel old. Just my kind of place! 
Macy and Joy taking a quick break! 

Hopefully I can take a few photos of the place when I get there next, and after Joy has put things away and you can really see what it's like!

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