Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas Wedding

I hate to push mom's story down the page. I enjoyed it a lot, mom. :) I just wanted to share a picture of a most beautiful wedding that my husband had the honor of officiating. So much beauty here; the church, the candles, the rich colors of the holiday, the adornment of the bride, not to mention the covenant made and the seriousness, yet joy with which this couple entered into their vows. Glory to God.
Picture by Miss Ashley Hughes
Afterthought: The couple are kneeling for the benediction. Yes, they are members of our church, but no, this isn't our church building. It is a rented Episcopal church.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful in every aspect. Thank you, Julie, for this reason to pause and give Thanks.

Jennie and Julie said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful thoughts. I pray this marriage will reap great glory for God. Mom