Monday, January 18, 2010

New Engagement Calendar

Every January 1st I get out my new calendar and engagement calendar, and fill them out for the new year. But not this year! This year was sold out in November and December of the engagement calendar that I always order. They never did get any back in stock. January I set off for Barnes & Noble to find a replacement. I found a sorry rack of rejects when I got there, all the ones no one had wanted. Neither did I want any of them...BUT I finally found one copy left of a Mary Engelbreit engagement calendar somewhere else, off by itself. This has proved to be a very fun calendar to start off my new year. First of all it's titled "Your home is your canvas, make something of it." That is what this blog is all about really, finding and creating beauty in our homes and appreciating it.
Each week has a fun original picture drawn by Mary E. about home life, and the other page has nice large boxes for writing in events and appointments for each day. It's fun to have a new and different calendar, so I know God had a plan for to be out of stock. God is in everything, even in the small details of our lives. I'm only sorry for the complaining that went on when I continually found Lang to be out of stock. A good lesson trust God for everything!

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Anonymous said...

Amen, amen, hallelujah. What a fun calendar. Oh Jennie, you are such an inspiration to me. Because of you I am deep cleaning my home and it has been such a freeing thing to do. The people I have been able to pass along things to have been amazing. Each one sent by the Lord.

Filling out your calendar for the year - okay, I have always wanted to do that. Now I think I will.

Hopefully we can share a cup of tea together this year. I would love that.