Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Last month our oldest granddaughter Kory turned sixteen. This was a big event for our family, so the insurance man and I drove to their house to celebrate with them. Her birthday fell on a Monday, so after school and work, her parents...Kory...and us....went to the Outback Steakhouse for a nice dinner in Vancouver. She got to be the only child with us 'adults', which was a really nice treat. She chose Outback as she is a beef lover for sure, just like her Mom and Papa. After a good dinner, they brought her a fun free sundae to enjoy. When that was over she opened up her special gift from Mom and Dad.
She had a beautiful oval jewelry box....

with her first real diamond necklace.

Here's Mom trying it on Kory to see how it looks.

Everyone thought it looked beautiful, just like Kory.

After dinner we drove back home to enjoy cake with the rest of the family. I made a red velvet cake, just like my Mom used to make for my birthdays, and passed on the torch to Kory. We found some fun neon candles and put on sixteen for Kory to get up some serious breath to blow out.

It was a fun time, and we all danced around to 'Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen' by Neil Sedaka.

How blessed we feel to have a granddaughter lovely within and without.
Happy Birthday once again Kory. We love you, Grammy & Papa


Laffing Dawg said...

Oh no, she cannot be 16 already. We didn't age during that time did we?

Beautiful girl, beautiful gift, may her future be blessed.

Happy Birthday Kory.


Lora said...

WOW! Hard to believe that little Kory is 16! How does time fly by so fast?!? I remember her as the little flower girl in my wedding. :) Then again, I'm having a very hard time believing that Ryan will be 14 in March!!! Yikes!

bevl said...

I remember your mom's red velvet cake!

Joy said...

She is so cute!!! I love this girl!