Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A very fine desk

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE old things. Most of my everyday furnishings are things handed down or inherited, or found in antique stores. I thought I would post on our blog a few of the beautiful items I inherited from my Mom from her Aunt Minnie.
The first one is a beautiful desk, probably made in the 1920's. I am not too good with woods, but this is either mahogany or stained to look like. I love all the cubbies and drawers. When I inherited this it still had all the fun office things in the cubbies from 1930-1960's. While my Mom had this desk it sat in their entrance hallway. I never really investigated it then, but always admired how the light brought out the beauty in the wood grain.
I love mysteries too...and closed doors and drawers reveal mysterious contents.

One day I found that the two decorative side bars pulled out to reveal...

a hiding place. They each will hold things I want to 'hide', or in my case just special things that I want to pull out and remember occasionally. Is there any furnishing more wonderful than a desk with hidden caches?


Anonymous said...

Really pretty, Jennie. I have been wanting to find a nice little old desk to have for "office tasks". I think old cubbies are amazing. Especially when you find things in them.

I have my grandfather's desk but it is in bad shape. I should get ambitious and refinish it. My boss gave me an old library table and a beautiful 3 stack book case that are lovely. I just think they need one more companion.

Always fun to look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie,

I want to tell you that this year, when the weather is warmer, I want to get together with you. I want to invite you over for tea so we can visit face to face, heart to heart. I would so love that.

I promise to call,

Anonymous said...

It's a done deal. I will call.