Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun week at home continued...

We took one day and visited the mighty Melolius River. It is such a beautiful blue color where the lava bed has a crack running down it, and the water is deeper and reflects the light differently. We hiked a little trail down to the head of the river, where it comes bubbling up out of the ground. Such an amazing sight.
Millie wanted a little ride up with her Papa...

After viewing the head of the river, we drove on down to the fish hatchery. The boys were thrilled to see all the various size trout fingerling's in the holding tanks. They were feeding some of the fish which made it even more interesting. These boys are REALLY into fish! After finishing with the tanks, we went out to the viewing areas around a small pond, stocked with bigger fish.

They have dispensing machines there, where you get a handful of fish food for 25 cents. Such great entertainment! The fish are 'trained' and the water looks like a boiling cauldron as the fish vie for the food.

Everyone enjoyed feeding the fish. What a beautiful setting.

We enjoyed the woods along the river too, and found several little bridges like this one. Millie keeps up really well with her big brothers.

We brought along a picnic lunch, and enjoyed the grounds of the fish hatchery. There are people that live on the grounds year round, and keep everything looking nice, plus volunteers help out too. The weather was cool, but no raindrops fell on our heads.

The bigger boys found a good place of their own to eat.

A final photo of the boys, Papa and 'Miss Doris' on the bridge that spans the river. It was a really good place to go.

I have had a hard time getting back into blogging. I think in all honesty, I've been grieving a bit over the separation of Julie & family leaving again. It's always hard at first to let them go, knowing it will be six months before we see each other again. I would be the first to acknowledge God's faithfulness and great blessings on us as he brought them here for the visit. But saying good-bye always seems difficult. That being said, and a week has gone by, I am now going to enjoy looking at the photos of our time together and sharing them with you!

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