Monday, June 28, 2010

Happiness is a Monday in June..

Yesterday after Church and dinner, the insurance man, Doris and I, all got in the car for a Sunday afternoon drive. We drove to Prineville, and out through the hills of the Ochoco's. It was a gorgeous early summer day, and due to all our spring rain the meadows were alive with lush tall green grass and wildflowers. Doris got out and picked just a few, which we brought home rather wilted, but they perked right up in a vase of water. I took this photo of Doris holding them. The insurance man wanted to know how these beauties got started way out in the woods?? The meadows were full of them, as far as the eye could see. Ringed around by ponderosa pines and firs it was truly a sight. We ended up in Mitchell, a little town (almost a ghost town) at the foot of the Painted Hills. We poked around a little country store, and ate ice cream bars before heading back for home.

I didn't quite finish up Julie's trip to Bend, but she did an admirable job of it on her blog "The Jones Family Archive". Since most of you read her blog, you can see what we did here. We did have a wonderful time at our Brown Family Reunion in Burns, then a rather soggy, but fun time at the Coast before they flew home. The final thing I want to say about her and her family being here is this: I have nothing but admiration for Julie. She has so much work to do each and every hour of each and every day, and she does it with such love, devotion and patience. I stand in awe as I see her sacrifice so much of herself, and lay herself down for her family. We had great fun, but it was due to the hard work and consistency of parenting that Julie and Peter do all the time. It is such a blessing to my heart, to see God working through Julie as she becomes what He had in mind when He created and called her into His service.

After going to Seattle last week, then to Burns for Father's Day, I have been trying to catch up things after such a busy month. The garden work was beckoning, and since I love to garden, that's where I've been. Now that things are slowing down, and I am somewhat caught up, I will be back writing again. I found a quote that I love at another blog. I think it was written as an encouragement to those who mourn.
"Is there no blue sky? Have roses forgotten how to bloom? Have birds ceased to sing among the branches? Hast thou not the sweetness of the love of a single little child? Hast thou no pleasant food--not even a cup of tea? Gather up thy comforts, the greatest, the smallest and thou wilt be surprised that thou hast so many to gather."
I am not mourning anything, but I think there is a lesson here from God for me. In my next blogs, I will be sharing my 'comforts'...because there are many, because God has gifted them to me, and because I want to thank and always praise the giver.

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