Monday, October 25, 2010

The Gift of Sight

On Thursday, Oct. 14th I had my first cataract removed from my left eye. It is such a simple procedure, I hardly think it qualifies to be called 'surgery'.
I went to this beautiful building in Redmond for the procedure. I was fortunate enough to get to choose to have a 'crystal lens' placed in my eye, which should restore vision in all three areas of my vision: distance, mid-way and close up. However, it did take several days for my eyes to adjust and focus together with this lens. In the meanwhile it was frightening and scary, and made me realize once again the gift and blessing of sight. The human eye is such an amazing and wonderful creation, and the fastest healing tissue in our bodies.

This is me right after the surgery, with my frozen left eye taped down. I will have the other cataract removed this Thursday, and in about three weeks both eyes will have stabilized and I should be seeing better than I was before cataracts. Truly a miracle, and one I never want to take lightly. I am so very thankful to have my sight restored, and continue to enjoy the beauty all around me.

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Peter Jones said...

Thanks for the pictures and update. Wish I could be around for events of this sort. I hope you are doing well and hanging in there while waiting for surgery #2.

Love you