Monday, March 21, 2011

1st Day of Spring?

We woke this morning to a fresh coat of snow over everything, even the tulips.

Is it late winter, or early spring? I choose early spring! Actually, Central Oregon has very little or no spring. It is the season that doesn't much exist here. We somehow slip from cold and frosty to hot and sunny about the middle of June. Fortunately, we can drive a couple of hours to where there is spring, glorious spring.
Our 'spring' consists of looking out the window at 8 am to find snow blowing, 10 am rain, noon might find a good hail storm, 3 pm a strong wind blowing the trees and whistling around the eaves, and some very welcome sunshine about 5 pm. All weather in one day!

So, on our early spring days, it is a good time to get some inside things done. Like sewing for instance.

I have been very busy sewing up two spring/Easter dresses for two little granddaughters. Millie's birthday comes at the beginning of April (she was born on Easter day that year), and it seemed like a good time for something new. Shhh, don't tell though, as it's supposed to be a surprise!

I had a very hard time finding a pattern and fabric though. Little girl dresses are all sleeveless these days. I wanted a long dress, with collar and sleeves, and this was the ONLY pattern I found. JoAnn Fabrics was all out of this pattern (of course, it's the only one with sleeves..) and I went to the only other store in Bend with patterns and they had 1 left. Whew! Fabrics are on the dark side of pastels (think tutti-frutti colors) and nothing much light for spring. I managed though, and now have them almost done and will be shipping them off. Hopefully, Julie will show us the dresses on the models after birthday is over.

Sewing can't be done without ironing, so I have been doing a lot of that. It's nice to have my Mrs. Tiggywinkle ironing cupboard that makes it easy.

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