Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winter at Crabapple Home

Welcome today to Crab Apple Home....come into our cozy nest and rest awhile.
Our Crab Apple home is still in the icy grip of winter, but with some blue sky and sunshine, things are cheerful inside here by the fire. Mr and Mrs Hedgehog are a bit prickly these days, as they wrestle with a cold bug that doesn't want to go away. One of their nestlings also has the bug, and each of us is busy trying to help the other.

Fortunately, we have a good stock of food on hand, made and gathered in the autumn months. And hot cups of tea sipped, while toasting our toes is always helpful.

The view from our windows shows many inches of snow still beautifully covering our roofs and fields. Last years crab apples hang onto the barren branches, stubbornly clinging...adding delightful color to the landscape.

Our four-legged friends come to visit, and forage for a winters' meal.

Winter has so many delights. The barren branch of a crab apple, showing its strength and form as it waits with the promise of spring. A story in the making,
one not seen...yet.

As we are rather still and housebound for yet a while, there is much activity outside to observe. Crab apples provide good food for our feathered friends. Winter storms have been frequent, with the winds howling. But inside it is cozy, with warm quilts on the bed, and phone calls from our grown nestlings. Today, our middle nestling is celebrating a birthday over at Plum Tree Cottage, so there is rejoicing at our Crab Apple Home. Happy Birthday, dear one!

Storms have brought down some juniper branches, and provided fresh green food, and enjoyment for us hedgehogs as we watch.

One day not too far off, these branches will again be green, and swollen with new buds. Just like us. But for today, we will rest in our Creator's wisdom, of a winter's rest.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely !


Peter Jones said...

I'm thinking of those sickies over at Crabapple Home. I hope there is some healing going on! Praying for you now.
Love and hugs,