Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today is a good day for remembering some of the beautiful places we have seen in Sept. We are so blessed as a country to have our National Parks, and our natural wonders set aside to enjoy. I am planning to share a few of my favorite photos from each Park we visited, starting with Yosemite. I am amazed that we have never visited this park before. We quickly found out that we could not see everything in one day, not even by driving. It is a big piece of land with really huge rocks! We are already planning to go back, especially as it's only a day's drive from home.

A land of granite slabs, mountains and cliffs with waterfalls.

' El Capitan', one of the most famous pieces of granite (slab, hill, mountain, cliff?) in the park. Later the insurance man said this was his most favorite and awe-inspiring sight of the whole trip. I will show you mine later. This photo (or indeed any other) cannot display the magnitude of this wall of rock. It is truly amazing. We found that the village (or main tourist area) is in the bottom of the canyon, at the base of these walls. We didn't get to go south from there, but instead headed up and then out going east along the rims.

This is looking back over the rim at just a few of the granite cliffs. What magnificent beauty.

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