Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Very Best of Harvests

 This morning our newspaper said the gardening season was over for the winter. But I wondered if
they knew how many flowers were still left? I had enough for these
two wonderful bouquets, made from late dahlias, glads, phlox and butterfly bush blooms,
with a little fall color thrown in.

These are my favorite things to harvest...and it's been a bumper crop.

We are home, we had a WONDERFUL vacation, and I will be posting
a few favorite photos from the 5 National Parks we visited. Summer was extended, and now it's right into autumn. A great way to see summer depart!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Home !!! Can hardly wait to see the Parks you visited. I love our National Parks and feel they are such a wonderful gift to us living in this beautiful country.

I do believe we are dealing with a new group of "journalists" - new to the craft and definitely new to Central Oregon. Except when the snow is really deep, there is always gardening to do. To me, we are gardening when we are planning for the next season and enjoying memories of the previous season. It is far from over. So, we might have to cover things up but we can watch the Azaleas and Rhodies set their buds for the next season and encourage them. We can enjoy our decorative grasses (as long as the landscapers don't cut them down - Arrgh! and we can enjoy the birds harvesting the seeds from the spent blooms. And, absolutely, the Dahlias, mums, etc are beautiful. I even picked a beautiful rose this evening. Just proves we can't believe everything we read in the newspaper.

TTFN, Kathy