Friday, December 23, 2011

Blessings to You and Yours

I was just talking with my good friend Nancy on the phone, and we enjoyed a much anticipated Christmas chat. We have been friends for many years, and some of that comes from enjoying many of the same things. I found out that we both crave a little romance along with our Christmas, and time alone with our husbands (even after 40 years of marriage!) Lately there has been a literal parade of people through our house. All welcome, and helping to make December a special time. But tonight we were both planning on having a Christmas Eve alone, the Christmas Eve before Christmas Eve, and I had to smile thinking that we both had planned that. I will be making a savory casserole to enjoy before the fire along with some good wheat french bread and a raspberry jello salad. For dessert we will enjoy a few chocolates from a local candy store, the kind gift from a friend. We will then be reading and taking the time to be still and focusing on the ever-true reason we are celebrating. And then tomorrow...let the festivities begin! I am always happy when Christmas falls on a Sunday and we are celebrating with our Church family as well. A very happy week-end to all.

Merry Christmas Nancy, and to everyone else who happens to read this!


Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful evening just the 2 of us. The lasagna was wonderful, enjoyed time on the back deck enjoying our Christmas lights, a glass of wine and chocolates, followed by White Christmas and relaxing.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Love, Nancy

Peter Jones said...

Awesome, for you both!

Monica said...

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season. Your time together sounded very nice.