Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Technology...Bane or Blessing?

I hear so many people of my generation continually complaining about the rise of all the new technology. There are many sides, opinions and discussions of this topic. Most negative opinions have to do with the fact that it is harder for us to learn how to operate all the new systems and programs. Instead of just acknowledging that, we somehow find a way to blame technology for much that is around us in our culture. I have to admit that I too sometimes fall into this category. But as I was thinking this over recently, I did take the time to think about all that is good with our new technology. As with anything, the sinful aspect of technology usually has to do with the character of the 'operator', more than with any one piece of the equipment. A couple of cases in point:
  • Last week I noticed I had a stye developing in my right eye. I went to the Internet and found several easy, natural home remedies. The one I used (and is pictured above) was to boil 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds in a little water. I then used it as an eye wash several times a day for 2 days, and it was a natural way to fight the bacteria, and cure my symptoms. It worked like a charm, and cost me nothing. Lacking my own Chinese herbalist to consult, the Internet provided me with a great solution.
  • Facebook has a bad reputation among people my age and older. Just last night I was at a dinner with other believers, and soon the conversation got around to Facebook bashing. Again, I do think it is all in how you use it. Last week I celebrated my 61st birthday. I knew that of the close to 100 'friends' I have on FB, many would write me and congratulate me on my birthday. Sure enough, many did when I went in to check. Some were rather silly (as in my cousin's cousin's cousin, that I don't know) but most were close friends and family and FB provided just the means to reach out and touch me with a sincere and genuine birthday wish, and comment, quickly and easily. These people were from all different time periods of my 61 years, and FB has provided a way that we could find each other, connect and occasionally catch up. In our busy culture, FB is a way to keep in touch. Granted, some use it foolishly, but again it is all in the hands of the operator. I would also add that 'texting' is in this same category, along with smart phones and other devices.
  • I have an IPOD, and enjoy it with all my heart. It has caused me some hours of frustration at times, but having the music I love at my fingertips and in my ears is a wonderful luxury. I even walked around my grocery store with my earphones in this past week, so that I wouldn't have to endure the silly holiday music they were piping over their system...as in Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer! No, I don't have them in all the time and I do try to be polite and courteous, but I think most would be a little jealous that they didn't have a way to eliminate the 'system music'.
The next time you are in a technology discussion, try and think of the good things it has done for you. No, it isn't the same world. It never will be again. Technology is here to stay, and will keep on changing and evolving. Let's embrace the good, while rejecting the bad, and being cautious about how, when and where it is used in our lives.

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Anonymous said...

I love technology and find it makes my life easier and a lot more fun. Facebook is an amazing tool and when you set up the security correctly and when you restrict the amount of info you put out it is perfectly safe. I love, love downloading music. I'm with ya, it is all in the attitude you bring to it. Don't let negativity rule, find someone to help you understand and use it or find another topic of conversation.

Love to you and Happy Birthday,