Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Gift of Music

 On Saturday evening we were privileged to attend a full concert of Handel's Messiah. The insurance man and our daughter JoAnn both sang with the Central Oregon Mastersingers, in presenting this wonderful work.

They performed in our renovated Tower Theatre downtown, with a small orchestra and harpsichord. The backdrop was lovely without being distracting.

Here are my two favorite singers. They sang three performances and a dress rehearsal in four days, quite an accomplishment.

The insurance man was fortunate enough to have his family come over from Burns on Saturday night, along with our friend Doris. It was a wonderful experience, and a true gift to our community. What a statement Handel made of the whole of  'Messiah', His coming, His work, and His redemption. Praise God!

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Anonymous said...

I never ever tire of Handel's Messiah. I had the privilege of performing in it while living in Boise. I love both John's and JoAnn's voice and think it is so fantastic that you both perform. Music is truly a gift and you, Jennie, get to bring young ones that gift as you teach piano. Blessings,