Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mom, this one's for you!

The last many Christmases we have purchased an Amaryllis bulb for our Aunt Wilma. We have picked several different colors over the years, and I believe all have bloomed with the exception of one that got left in a vehicle overnight in freezing temps. It makes a nice gift for a shut-in, and brings such a cheeriness to any room. This last Christmas was no exception to our rule, other than Mom reported the amaryllis had a total of five blooms on one stalk.

 Also this last Christmas, the insurance man decided it was about time we had an amaryllis around our house as well. So while he was getting one for Aunt Wilma, he also got one for me as a present under the tree. They are a bit different, in that instead of being potted, they sit in a glass vase on small pebbles above the water. The roots grow down into the water. Of course, this is designed for a big show just the once, and then it's finished. We have been patiently waiting, and are now rewarded with the above beauty.

Mom told us that Aunt Wilma's bloomed right away, and has been long gone...but ours is just getting into it's glory, with another stem on the way. Even bulbs are each individually unique, with their own schedule. What a blessing.

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