Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Birthday and Snow

This morning we woke up to a delightful day, one of my favorites of the year. A newly fallen snow under bright blue, sunny skies. It is also one of my favorite days, because it's March 1st....the day Julie was born. After an extremely dry and mild winter, we have been blessed with a snowy week, showing that winter still has a grip on things yet. I think there is a total this morning of 8-10 inches, quite a lot for this late in the year for us. Of course, there is the work that goes along with it, but since we have cold dry snow, the shoveling is a whole lot easier. Julie mentioned that the kids would all be exited by the news, since they have had no snow to speak of in West Virginia this winter. So I wandered around in the quiet beauty and took a few shots to show them long distance.

 Out Front
 Out Back
 Along the Back Fence
 Beauty even on a Garden Shed...sunshine sparkling on icicles.
 My tracks this morning, and it's so much fun to be the first to walk in a pure new-fallen snow!
And, last but certainly not least...the birthday cake is hanging out for this very special day. The day that God blessed us with Julie. Happy Birthday, Mama Goose.


Julie said...

THank you for the birthday wishes and the snow pictures. :-) Lovely first day of March.

Anonymous said...

I took a deep breath in the peace of the morning, too, Jennie. It is my favorite morning of the dwindling days of winter too. I was pushing the powdery white stuff under the blue sky and heard the hush of a car driving down the packed snow and it just sounded so wonderful.

And happy (Julie's) birthday to you too. I always think that mom's should celebrate with children that special day. You are the one who remembers the "birth" in birthday the best. Thank you and John for bringing into the world such a special and beautiful young woman. My life has been blessed because of her birth.

Love, Kathy