Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Amelia 'Millie' Sue

 This post is all about Millie...a very feminine little 5-year-old. She loves all things pink, including pink white chocolate bunnie suckers.

 She IS girly, but she also loves to be outdoors, climbing, following her brothers and always barefoot!
 At the top of the play structure at the park, with the gorgeous blue West Virginia sky.

 Millie enjoys domestic things, and especially cooking. She eagerly dons an apron to help out. She is helping Mom and Papa pull the chicken off the bones, and does a great job. She is and will continue to be a big assist to Mom in the kitchen.

 Millie celebrated her 5th birthday while we there, on Easter Sunday. It was a special day all around.
 She ordered up a pig cake for birthday dessert, and of course a PINK pig. (This is her third year with a pink animal for the cake.) I just don't really know how Julie does it....creating homemade cake and frosting, really good cake and frosting, and then cutting, frosting and decorating it for each child's birthday. But it is a highlight for each of them.
 One day I walked into Millie & Cecily's room and they were playing 'dress-up'. I told her not to move until I grabbed my camera for a picture. They really enjoy their dolls and blankets.
 This photo at Millie's party is a little blurry, which was sad because it's such a cute photo. I just had to include it.

 Yep, back in the kitchen again. See that big smile? Chopping celery this time.

 And finally our tea party. Both girls put on their pretty dresses. Millie's just happened to be tiny pink rosebuds, with smocking and a matching purse.

Nothing like tea from a real china tea cup, along with fancy cookies and good company. What a delightful girl time that was!
While I was there I taught Millie to sing 'My Grandfathers' Clock' and the insurance man took a video of her singing it. However, it's from the side and you can't hear her very well. Her Mom caught a video face-on, and maybe I can persuade her to add it to the next post so you can see her blossoming talents!

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Monica said...

What a sweet post, and she looks like such a sweet little girl :)