Friday, August 3, 2012

County Fair Entries

 About a year ago JoAnn picked up crocheting again. She had learned as a child, and did a little in 4-H club, but hadn't picked up a needle for years. All of a sudden, she not only picked up the needle but found out what a great selection of yarns are available now. She got to work, and loved it....and found she could even create her own designs.
She started making gifts for everyone in the family, and we all loved that! One of her recent projects was a sweater for niece Macy. She was still working on it, so decided to enter it in the County Fair, which was a good motivation to get it done. This is what she came up with... a design of her own, with the colors picked out by Macy's mom.

 After she decided to enter the sweater, she looked around and found a few other completed projects. Here is a baby or doll's sweater-

 and she found a few potholders that she had tried out various patterns on. She was still learning then, and has since made many for gifts...beautiful projects.

We went to the fair on opening day, as we were all exited to see what she had won (we never doubted she would win something!

 Here she is standing in front of the display table, along with many other beautiful items.
 Her two sweaters were hung up, and the potholders are in the back on the table.

 This sweater won a first place ribbon...
 and this one won 2nd place. We were kind of surprised, as we thought the bigger one would do better, but actually it had a lot more competition in it's category. She also won a 2nd place on her potholders. She was pleased, and we were so proud of her. It's a great start for many good things to come, and we can't wait to see Macy in her sweater.

 Another highlight was finding these day old bunnies. There are six of them wedged in there, and they were so cute. I noticed the owner had mixed some mama rabbit fur in with the sawdust, which must have felt and smelled like 'home'.

And here is mama herself, keeping a close eye on us as we enjoyed her little offspring.

Fairs are always so much fun, and we finished off the day with a wonderful Eberhart Dairy ice cream cone. Success in every way!


Lora said...

Wow. Great job JoAnne! You do amazing work! And the baby bunnies are so cute. :)

Lora said...

Whoops! JoAnn. ;)

Anonymous said...

Tell JoAnn congrats. They look great.