Friday, August 31, 2012

A Special Thursday

 Yesterday Sam and I shared a picnic lunch with our friend Kathy on her wonderful deck. As Sam commented, it looks like a fishing lodge with all that beautiful wood. They got on great together, and as we left Sam commented on what a nice lady Kathy is, and how he hadn't really been old enough to appreciate her before.

 We were all so comfortable out there, in 70-something temperatures, and Kathy's comfy deck chairs and plump cushions.

I even had someone to take a photo of Sam and I together....I will cherish that photo!
We had a great time together, and although it wasn't fishing....always Sam's first choice, we did have great discussions on fishing.

I had been planning on sharing some photos from everyday of Sam's visit, (a large part for his family back in West Virginia.) However, my camera has not been co-operating, or at least the camera operator. I thought I finally had it licked last night, but found out this morning I only had shortcuts to nowhere this morning instead of the pictures. Oh well, suffice it to say that we had another fun time last evening. The three of us went down to a park on the Deschutes and watched the sun go down and the full moon rise as Sam threw his fishing line into the water where the fish were jumping. He did indeed catch his first trout, and his first 'wild' trout. It was a beautiful little guy, and after snapping a few photos (I thought) of the catch, released him to swim another day. Rainbow trout are the prettiest fish up close. This one was a purple-ish green color, with dark green and lavender spots. We all admired the trophy.

Today, Sam and the insurance man are on a lower Deschutes float/fish trip with friends, fishing for some much bigger fish. However, it is still only catch and release. So, hopefully the insurance man can get some good photos for Julie and her family back home. What a great time we are having...a wonderful blessing.

Have a great Labor-Day week-end!


Kathy Poncy said...

I loved it too, Jennie. I'm ecstatic over you first wild trout catch, Sam. And a Rainbow at that. I love their color. It was a beautiful night to be out on the river and watch that beautiful moon rise. Ya'll come back to the fishing lodge soon : )

Have fun in Harney County. I always smile about that county. The home health nurses from Burns used to drive cars with a big cow painted on the doors. They took some grief from that.

Love you, Karhy

Kathy Poncy said...

Hi Jennie,
Could you email me the originals of your photos from yesterday. I would love to include them in my photos of the event. Many thanks. If you would like any of mine, just let me know.