Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He's Here!!

 We have been planning for this moment for long years. Peter & Julie, the insurance man and I. We knew one day this moment would come. And at long last God has seen fit to bring it to pass! Samuel, now 13, boarded a flight in Pittsburgh, PA yesterday morning, and arrived in Portland, OR about 2:22 Pacific time. The insurance man was there to meet him at the gate. Big grins for everyone.

Of course we had one hungry teen-age boy on our hands, so a stop at Olive Garden on our way out of Portland was needed, and appreciated.

Today so far, we enjoyed biscuits and gravy for breakfast, then Sam and I enjoyed a trip to the fruit stand and to the library. Sam spent the whole time seated on the floor of the aisle under the fishing books, and brought 3 of them home to study. After a lunch of smoked tri-tip hoagies, and carrots from the garden, Sam is now busily engaged in straightening out some fly fishing line, and attaching it to the appropriate rods. He is preparing for an all-day fly fishing raft trip with the insurance man on Friday. He is going with us to the Family Kitchen to help serve meals tonight, then home for some Cuban-style pork roast with rice. A great first day, with 9 more to come.....


Peter Jones said...

Thanks for posting! It's good to see you together and hear what you'll be doing. Hurray!

Kathy Poncy said...

I can hardly believe that I get the honor of being a part of this visit. I can hardly wait to see you tomorrow, Sam. Picnic on my porch is on. This is the best event of the past 7 months in my interrupted life - cast, non weight bearing, then rigid boot. Let's talk fishing for sure.

Hugs, Kathuy

Anonymous said...

So glad to see Sam arrived safely. Have a wonderful time.