Saturday, October 20, 2012

A new precious granddaughter!

Granddaughter #6
We are so blessed to celebrate the birth of Bronwyn Elizabeth Jones, on October 12th. She and mama Julie are doing well. She was such a surprise to all of us. Julie had anticipated the birth of a rather medium sized boy, (they don't have ultrasounds to tell them the sex of baby ahead of time) but instead out came Bronwyn at 9lbs 2 oz! I am rather slow to get this on the blog, but I had an idea that took me some time to implement. I thought it would be fun to look back at the other seven children's newborn photos and see which one is most like Bronwyn. So, here they are in order of birth:
  1.  Samuel Nils Jones born July 26, 1999

2.    William Carl Jones born February 6, 2001

3.    Benjamin Charles Jones born April 10, 2003

4.    Calvin Haddon Jones born February 24, 2005 

5.     Amelia Sue Jones born April 08, 2006

6.    Cecily Mae Jones born October 2, 2008

7.    Elijah Franklin Jones born January 29, 2011

And now #8... Bronwyn Elizabeth Jones born October 12, 2012.
Which one of her siblings do you think she looks like? Leave a comment if you want to tell us. I know she's pretty! After rounding up these photos and looking at all of them a few things occurred to me. First, although newborns are so precious....they are funny little things aren't they? They seldom look like the person they are about to become. I did notice that Calvin and Bronwyn are the only ones with their eyes open. (Cecily doesn't count because that photo was not really of her newborn. She was the only one I wasn't there for her birth and so have no newborn photos.) This was fun, and I have a hard time believing how fast the years have flown by. I think Bronwyn will be special to me, as my mother was #8 in her family as well. Hooray for #8!


Kathy Poncy said...

Guess I would vote for Elijah. Newborns are just little wonders. How could anyone deny our Creator when looking at a newborn. Thank you for this wonderful trip down memory lane.

Hope to connect with you soon now that I have a car of my very own to drive.

Love to you Jennie and congrats on that new granddaughter to love and nurture.


Lora said...

My vote is for Benjamin! I can see some resemblance. I also think that Samuel and William look so much alike! Currently.... I mean. Maybe not so much as babies. I sometimes get the two of them mixed up in pictures. Thanks for this post. Fun seeing them all as newborns again.