Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn Cozy

 I'm feeling cozy inside this morning, with the overnight temps down to 22 degrees. It was a sudden abrupt end to our wonderful Indian Summer, but somehow with October here it's OK to move on. I fixed a breakfast of green onion, eggs and ham (Dr. Seuss anyone?) along with my favorite roasted pecan maple glazed scones. So good this morning.
 We did have to stick our noses outside, to take out the garbage to the curb, and found this Sumac just about frozen. The colors have been so beautiful, especially with the sunshine lighting them up. All are, burnt red, yellow and still a little light green.
 I am taking an Old Testament Survey class, and have much reading to accomplish. It's Exodus this morning, and so enjoyable to be inside and gleaning from God's Word.

My first morning with the stove on, and it certainly contributed to the cozy feeling around here. Although the yard is not quite ready for Autumn, I am!

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Kathy Poncy said...

Absolutely lovely. Chilly it is. I, too, am ready for this next season. I find myself interested in cooking again after 11 years of just getting by so am perusing favorite cookbooks. Am trying to decide on where to study in God's Word and the decision is still out. I wish Syd was recording the Survey class for us homebound folks.

One of my major comforts, however, is your friendship.

Two more big hurdles and I think I will be able to participate more.

Much love and a big hug,