Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin patches from an adult perspective!

 We spent a week-end in Woodland (western Washington) recently, visiting Joy and our granddaughter Kendall who was turning 16. We did a lot of fun things, but Joy and I slipped away by ourselves for a few minutes to visit a Pumpkin patch on the edge of town.
 Joy remarked that she thought this window display was worthy of Pinterest.
 It was fun to enjoy the patch from an adult point-of-view, and we just wandered around and ignored the corn maze and all the children picking out their massive pumpkins, enjoying the fall afternoon and the fun displays.
 The family who owns the patch are good and close friends of Joy and her hubby so we felt free to wander....and enjoy all the lady of the house has accomplished with her property.
 The farm has acres of all kinds of pumpkins, big and small, and Joy's husband drives his restored tractor and wagon around the patch on week-ends, giving tours and helping kids to get their pumpkins back to their cars. He even wears his overalls for the occasion.
This is my idea of one cute potting shed. Complete with sink and running water and electricity inside. Just kind of made fall seem so real...out on a beautiful property. We have all had a gorgeous Indian Summer, with the prettiest autumn I can remember in recent history. Now it's on to snow and winter over here. The cycle of seasons, what a delight!

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