Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dad Turns 92!

October 17th marked a special day, the day that my father-in-law turned 92.
To celebrate that event, he wanted to take his family to the coast for a special trip.
We rented a house in the Bayshore Community of Waldport, and six of us drove over last week. We had a fun time eating, shopping, fishing and spending time together as a family.
One evening we grilled steaks and had a red velvet birthday cake. A real birthday party, with the ocean view outside the windows!
Dad and Mom with their sons, and they also have a daughter that wasn't able to join us. A special family that I have always been so thankful to be a part of. 
On our way to the coast and back we visited extended family members. Here is Dad greeting his brother-in-law, Dad at 92 and Art at 95. It's rather difficult to get together these days, so this was a special visit.
 Art and his wife Miriam, although this photo was rather dark. Their daughter Patti was there also, and it's always a treat to see her. We also visited my mother-in-law's sister Elna, her daughter Melody and Melody's daughter Sarah along with Sarah's two daughters, which makes a total of 4 generations. One more stop enabled us to visit cousin Edith in McMinnville which again was a true delight. She is also 95.
 I think the highlight of the trip for the guys was a commercial fishing trip from Depoe Bay.
 It was a real treat that Dad was able to go and enjoy the fishing with his boys. They each caught their limit of rock fish, although I think they were a bit disappointed there was no ling cod to be had for them that day. It brought back the memory of the day Julie caught a nice ling cod at this same dock though.
A good catch, wouldn't you say Samuel??
We had the fish filleted at the dock, for $1 a fish, and we all stood and watched fascinated as they did it so deftly and swiftly. 
 I think this would be a good job for our grandson Samuel, as he already does a great job filleting at age 14. Maybe someday it would help him through college?
 The boys each limited out, and the captain added a few as well, so we each brought home some nice fillets for the freezer.
A great way to celebrate a birthday!

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Peter Jones said...

Thank you grammy for doing your loyal fishing nut a favor and putting his name into your sane post. The fish are neat and the fact that grandpa Larry is turning 92 is great as well. Hope to see you soon, Samuel