Friday, October 25, 2013

Quotes from Anne of Green Gables

I recently re-read Anne of Green Gables to my children and enjoyed it in a whole new way.  It's so fun to pick up an old favorite and find it has whole new meaning for you as you've matured in understanding since the last reading.  I was surprised to find that this was one of those types of books.  L.M. Montgomery had more depth of understanding than I realized.

So here's a few of my favorite quotes:

"It's always wrong to do anything you can't tell the minister's wife.  It's as good as an extra conscience to have a minister's wife for your friend."

"Oh, Marilla, my heart was just set on going to that concert.  I never was to a concert in my life, and when the other girls talk about them in school I feel so out of it.  You didn't know just how I felt about it, but you see Matthew did.  Matthew understands me, and it's so nice to be understood, Marilla."

"You know there are some people, like Matthew and Mrs. Allan that you can love right off without any trouble.  And there are others, like Mrs. Lynde, that you have to try very hard to love.  You know you ought to love them because they know so much and are such active workers in the church, but you have to keep reminding yourself of it all the time or else you forget."

"'Mrs. Allan said we ought always to try to influence other people for good.  She talked so nice about everything.  I never knew before that religion was such a cheerful thing.  I always thought it was kind of melancholy, but Mrs. Allan's isn't, and I'd like to be a Christian if I could be one like her.  I wouldn't want to be one like Mr. Superintendent Bell.'
'It's very naughty of you to speak so about Mr. Bell,' said Marilla severely.  'Mr. Bell is a real good man.'
'Oh, of course he's good,' agreed Anne, 'but he doesn't seem to get any comfort out of it.  If I could be good I'd dance and sing all day because I was glad of it.  I suppose Mrs. Allan is too old to dance and sing and of course it wouldn't be dignified in a minister's wife.  But I can just feel she's glad she's a Christian and that she'd be one even if she could get to heaven without it.'"

"It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes are fashionable."


Jennie and Julie said...

That was a fun surprise today, to find your post. I loved reading through those quotes. You could just see Ann Shirley as you read. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anne with and E, Mom! Loved it Julie!!!!!!!!