Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tiny Peek of the House

 Here are a few peeks around the house, from Julie's eyes. She is enjoying a new camera and took a few photos home with her from Bend to enjoy. This was the bedroom she stayed in and the pretty view of dawn from the window. Aren't the first moments of a new day precious?
 This is the other side of our guest bedroom. It includes my granny's dresser with mirror removed, the insurance man's g-grandmother's trunk and some linens that were in the trunk, and a framed drawing done by his Grandma Brown.
 The path from the deck into the garden...
 Our deck table and chairs and our spiral staircase (a great favorite with all the kids) from our upstairs bedroom to the deck and the hot tub.
 The entry way, still decorated for summer at that point,
 and lots of seashells on the living room mantel. They provide endless fascination for all of us.
The 'tea' room, where we all enjoyed tea while Julie was here.
God has so richly blessed me with a wonderful place to live life and enjoy and glorify God. I was lucky enough to be the only daughter of a woman who was adopted by her aunt and was her only heir. We have lots of antiques, and God made me to love them! I love being surrounded by family history and beauty, and to share it with others.

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