Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A New Phase of Life

Last fall our family moved my in-laws to a new little retirement home, just a few blocks away from their home of 50+ years.
It was an exiting day for them, as they had looked forward to this. We had a few younger friends helping us out, and they made such a difference!
At lunchtime we all took a much-needed break for lunch at my sister-in-laws.
What didn't fit in the house, started piling up in the garage.
With a bit of discussion as to where it should all go....
Mom didn't want too much clutter in her new living/dining room, but after a few months of adjustment, that's exactly what happened. After all, where do you put the things from a lifetime?
She worked hard in the house, putting things away, while the rest of us did the moving.
Here is her new kitchen, basically cluttered up with things ready to be put away. It's so nice for her to have all the modern conveniences with so much more counter space. It looks lovely now, after her hard work. I know she is enjoying it, plus a spacious pantry.
It's good bye to the old house, with all it's good memories....
and on to the new.

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JoAnn Asmussen said...

It's so great to see the house, since I haven't yet! It's SO cute! :)