Monday, February 2, 2015

Starting the Year Off Right

The insurance man and I took advantage of our great weather on the West Coast, and slipped away for a few days at the Oregon Coast.
It was beautiful, as you can see the blue sky, and warm with little wind. We could hardly believe it was January. This was our friend next door.
There was lots of driftwood on the beach from previous storms, and these accommodating trees were a great place to sit and ocean watch.
We found some good hunting areas, and managed to find several whole shells, still intact. The shell on the top row, 2nd from right, had a little baby shell stuck in its curl, and was so very precious.
Lots of agates being turned in the waves and sand. This is one of our favorite hobbies, finding treasures.

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Peter Jones said...

Thanks for the visuals. :) I like the pictures you chose to take. And I just love the coast...