Wednesday, November 18, 2009

British Columbia trip revisited Part VI

After looking through my photos I realized that there were just too many good ones left over after the last post, so I thought I would post a few more from Butchart. It was so beautiful there, that a person could take hundreds of photographs to enjoy the memory later.
We ran across this unusual shrub, at least unusual to me. It had lavender/purple berries and was very striking. (You can see it better by double-clicking on the photo to enlarge it.) We found out that it is called 'beauty bush' and with good reason. Here is another little viewing house that we climbed to...Nancy is in the top but you can barely see her smiling.

Fall color with delphiniums...a wonderful combination!

Just a few more dahlia's... they were so incredible!

Some of these were so perfectly formed they hardly looked real...and the colors were so vivid. This little house sat behind the dahlia garden, all covered in ivy turned an autumn red. There is an organ housed in there, and every once in a while a family member gives a concert. That would really be a wonderful event to see.
One last photo of the beautiful leaf color...
Good-bye for this time to Butchart Gardens!

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