Monday, November 9, 2009

Ferry Trip

The next week we had scheduled a trip to Vancouver Island. We got up and had a quick breakfast, then drove back to Puget Sound from Whistler. We didn't arrive until late morning, and then got in line for a ferry. We missed the first one, and had to wait for a good long while. We got out and walked around for some of the wait. Then our ferry was late in arriving so it put us a little behind schedule. It was a large ferry we boarded, the 'Queen of Oak Bay' and we had a trip to a spot about midway down Vancouver Island.
The trip took about an hour and 1/2, so we got to see some beautiful scenery. The weather was stormy and the water choppy as you can see.

Glenn is seeing something interesting, as we all sat inside sipping our coffees (and soda for the insurance man) and watching the islands go by. I love ferries, so I enjoyed every bit of the ride. We arrived close to Nanaimo, so stopped for lunch there, then continued driving south. We had arranged for a bed and breakfast for the night, and needed to check in before 5 pm. It took much longer to drive the rather busy road than we anticipated, but we found the B & B without much trouble. It was a short distance from Victoria, and only about 3 minutes from Butchart Gardens, our destination for the next day.

Here is the insurance man knocking at the door. We found a quaint little English man inside, ready and eager for our visit.

He showed us our rooms (lovely) and all around the guest quarters then gave us a key for later. We got back in the car and drove the rest of the way into Victoria, the largest city on the island (only city really). Nancy had never been to Victoria, and Glenn couldn't remember it so we really wanted to arrive before dark. Tomorrow I will continue on with photos from lovely scenic Victoria.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am having a lovely trip. Thanks. Will we meet for high tea at the Empress Hotel ? I have so many great memories of Victoria. Was last there on my bike.

Jennie and Julie said...

Kathy, we WILL meet at the Empress tomorrow, though not for tea, as it was rather late. Isn't it just a great place to see? Wish we would have had more time there. I am a little envious of you getting to bike around...that sounds marvelous. Jennie

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe this was almost a month ago. It sure was a beautiful trip.