Friday, November 6, 2009

British Columbia trip revisited Part III

Join me today for a hike around Lost Lake....
On the next day of our vacation, we found the pretty lake we had seen from the Gondola Ride and since there was a trail around the lake, we got busy. The color of the lake was an unusual aquamarine, and had very beautiful water. We parked in the parking lot, and walked a short trail to the lake, and the park in front of it.
We walked out to the small beach area to start our hike. This lake is heavily used in the summer for swimming. But today it was still very, very cold. We had to keep walking fast to stay warm enough.

As we walked around there were platforms every little while out in the lake, so swimmers could access them, dive or sunbathe. There were also several small piers, and I am standing on one in the photo below. This picture shows the water color best. Isn't it almost like a painting instead of real?

This photo is at the opposite side of the lake looking back from the way we had come. We were 1/2 way around at this point.
Heading back there was more fall color and a 'wilderness trail' that went through the woods along the lake.

I had just stopped and asked John to look for something I could take a picture of for our grandsons. There didn't seem to be any birds about, or frogs, or bugs etc. I think mostly it was too cold, and many things were staying in their nests or the ground, or their tiny homes. Right after I asked him, the insurance man spotted a large blue heron at the lake's edge. He was a pretty sight, and totally unconcerned with us.

After we took the above photo, I asked if he could zoom in a little closer. We had to go past the standard zoom range, and sometimes that doesn't work well, but this time it worked beautifully. Here is the heron boys, courtesy of Papa. Isn't it a lovely photo?

After he took the photo of the heron, he decided to take a few of the fall leaves we saw.
Some we knew and some we didn't...but they are all beautiful samples of God's handiwork and creativity.

It was a wonderful hike and felt so good to get out and enjoy the scenery of the Whistler area. There are three lakes around the village. One is Green Lake, and we drove past it later in the week. The other one we never found, but Glenn and Nancy driving by themselves found it and spent a little time there.

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Peter Jones said...

Sam says it's a Great Blue Heron and he thinks it's the largest waterfowl in the north. (I'm not sure about this). Will says: "The second picture of the Great Blue Heron, the first of the lake and the first of the fall leaves were the best pictures taken." Ben liked the colors of the leaves a lot. Will also says the color of the lake is really cool. Sam cares not about the color, he wants to know what's swimming about in there. All think the post is great! Thanks for the pictures and account of what you did. We're loving Canada!
Julie, Sam, Will, Ben and Cal