Saturday, November 28, 2009

Flower Harvest

One of the things, among myriads, for which I am grateful this year, is the abundance of flowers in my garden. This is the first year that I always had something fresh to pick and put in the house all season long. It started with violets I believe and ended with the bouquet of fall leaves and berries that I posted a photo of on Thanksgiving. It was so wonderful to step out the door and always find something to brighten up our kitchen table. The only thing I planted in my new stone planters that the insurance man made this year was a bounty of gladiola bulbs. They had a nice long planter in front of the fence and did very well. I planted them late (after he made the planter) but they just had time to bloom well before the hard frosts hit. These were bulbs that I dig up and replant every year, due to our hard winters. I divide them as I dig them, so the amount is growing and so is our pleasure.
I am very thankful for my flower gardens this year, and the pleasure they have brought. The harvest of flowers....

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