Monday, March 15, 2010

5th Season

Last week our 'adopted' granddaughter Lilly came to visit. During a trip to the library she told me " I think there should be 5 seasons...autumn, winter, dull, spring and summer, and we are definitely in the dull season!"

In keeping with that cheerful news, here is a little writing I did at my last writer's group meeting:

The Waiting Room
The waiting room was green, pale green. The color of new leaves, tender shoots and greening grass. Winter weary eyes drank in the color, while waiting. The time between, outside, was dull, with no snow and no color to brighten the iron skies and earth, while inside was a calm, happy place. A place to turn pages of flowers and seed packets. Waiting has no chore there, and patience richly rewarded. No one was lonely in the waiting room, where the company of others waiting was welcomed and comforting. Bright primrose faces edged the room, and the distant glow of young green trees gently blowing soothes and softens harshness. Green leaves and thin branches etched the walls and skies. Hearts anticipated and waiting moved on.
The waiting room was green, but now is orange, rust, golden, red and burning. The green has fled, and vivid beauty reigns in a dying fling. All are waiting, astonished, deeply drinking and trying to stop the movement. Can the colors remain a moment or two longer?
Waiting in a shiver, the room becomes black and white. The white of a soft gently rippling blanket, and the black of branches and trunks now bare. The ceiling is a thin blue with gray edges.
The waiting turn their pages of seed packets and the waiting room turns pale green once again. How long have they waited? The walls change in a blur now, spinning out the cycles faster and faster in a dance of creation, while the waiting continue to dream."

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Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts, Jennie. I pictured Life as the waiting room. Sometimes we wait and observe the walls change color when we could be active and repaint them with joy. I spent the day yesterday at the High Desert Museum and could have sat for hours just listening, and feeling the crisp clear air. I don't want to "wait" any longer - 10 years of waiting is enough. Now I have to relearn activity and it is joyful.
Much love and a big hug to you - browse those seed catalogs and packets and then plant and enjoy,