Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our wonderful world

31 Simple Pleasures
  1. The smell of bacon frying or coffee perking when waking up
  2. Sitting down for a chat with a good friend
  3. Reading a really good book
  4. Opening a beautifully wrapped gift
  5. The smell and feel of new-mown grass
  6. A hot bath
  7. A climbing rose fresh with new blooms
  8. A new dress or skirt
  9. A storm out the window at the Oregon Coast
  10. Wildflowers along the hiking trail
  11. Fresh homemade cookies
  12. Wood smoke in the air
  13. Jet streams in the summer sky
  14. Clean clothes blowing on the clothes line
  15. The first snowfall
  16. Watching a grandchild be born
  17. The smell of roasting turkey at Thanksgiving
  18. Having someones hand to grab and hold
  19. Worship on a Sunday morning
  20. A nap in the shade in the hammock
  21. Seeing the sky from one end to the other
  22. A flower in a single bud vase
  23. A group of family playing a game together
  24. The sounds of the ocean lulling to sleep
  25. Learning something new
  26. Listening to a sad song or watching a sad movie
  27. Floating on your back and watching the clouds
  28. Working hard and achieving a goal
  29. Writing a good story
  30. The lap of water at lake's edge and a toddler splashing
  31. Watching a friend succeed


Lora said...

I love your list! :)

Peter Jones said...

This was really cool, mom. Life is full of so many difficulties, but there is so much too appreciate if we choose to.
I really liked it.