Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Beautiful Day, Part II

I'd thought I'd show you some pictures from the rest of my beautiful day.Some beautifully wrapped chocolates from my dear husband.

My favorite white dresses on my girls.

I like the shadowy effect of them standing by the window.

But I love being able to see their sweet faces too.

An afternoon tea party. Cranberry nut bread and vanilla tea.

Baby even attended.

A dinner prepared by the dear husband again, (he's amazing!) Salmon, potatoes with butter and dill and fresh sugar snap peas. I guess it was actually Steelhead Trout, but I couldn't tell it wasn't Salmon.

Store-bought cheesecake.

Some lovely gifts. This a table runner from my sweet sister, JoAnn. I love it.

Can a kitchen appliance be beautiful? Yes. Absolutely. I'm so excited about my new food processor!
I had a such an undeservedly nice day. I'm spoiled.

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Jennie and Julie said...

I'd say it was totally deserved! (Of course that is your Mother speaking..) But you do deserve a special day, and it looked like you had one. What a blessed and fun time. Love, Mom