Monday, March 1, 2010

My Beautiful Day

Today is my birthday. I'm 34 years old. Originally, when we started this blog, we intended it to be a place to share beautiful things as we experienced them in our daily lives. Looking for beauty can help make sure that you find it! Also, we want to cultivate beauty in our homes for ourselves and our families to enjoy to the glory of God and sharing with each other gives us new inspiration. Over time, it has morphed into something a bit different, as blogs will do. I, Julie, rarely have time to add much here as I am busy with homeschooling my young children and mom, Jennie, has been able to use the blog for multiple purposes, including keeping me and the rest of the family updated with pictures of her travels, etc. But for today, I thought I'd make it my birthday indulgence to post some pictures of the beauty I am enjoying and receiving from my beloved family. We have nothing even remotely close to popping out of the earth in my part of the country, but my husband happened to see some hearty-looking tulips when he was shopping on Saturday and grabbed them for me. They are opening up just in time for my birthday today!

One tulip came in a vase on the tray that brought me breakfast in bed this morning.

Not for my birthday, but just because, Mom sent me a couple of lovely things to put in my room that she found at a favorite antique store. After my special breakfast, I enjoyed getting them out and putting them to use. Above is the dresser scarf she found. A lovely antique dresser looks so nice with an accompanying scarf.

Pale blue embroidery embelishes the edges.

This picture is a hint at the other item from mom and shows what I was doing this morning while waiting for my breakfast. A friend from church lent me the book to read with a high recommendation and of course, my Bible.

Pillowcases. With the same pale blue embroidery.

So pretty. A special thing for me to enjoy today.

Last, but not least, I opened one gift from mom that was for my birthday. I spent some time after breakfast browsing through it and I LOVE it! One of the things that I enjoy most is browsing new recipes that are good. This cookbook looks excellent with a simple and earthy emphasis with whole food ingredients. Right up my alley. What a beautiful day I'm having!


Lora said...

Happy Birthday Julie! Glad you are having a good day. My 34th is coming up here shortly too!!!

Jennie and Julie said...

Happy Birthday again, dear daughter! I loved looking through the photos, they made me smile all the way. I esp. liked the one of the bedside table, lamp, doily and books...such a beautiful setting, and you really got an excellent photo of it. Hope your beautiful day ends beautifully as well.
Love, Mom

Laffing Dawg said...

Happy Birthday Precious Friend. God gave me a gift for every day when he brought you into the world and then sent us to Washington DC and the DR together. I love you much !!!!