Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dahlia Time

Here I go with another flower post...but oh how I do love the flowers in my garden! Right now the glads are starting and the dahlia's are coming on strong. Each season during the flowering period, I see another kind of flower and think...that one is my favorite! I obviously have a lot of favorites. One of my long standing favorites is the dahlia. Partly because they are difficult to grow here, and so I put in more effort, but am so wonderfully rewarded.
Each and every bloom is an amazing work of God's creation.

We are entertaining again tonight, and hosting the staff and crew from the insurance man's office. It's a farewell to his partner that had to retire due to health issues, and a hello to a new partner. All I had to do for the centerpiece this week was to walk out into the dahlia garden, cut a few and add a few large daisies and baby's breath left over from last week. The dahlia above looks red, but it is actually a beautiful shade of purple-ish rose. It's called 'Fremont's Memory'.

One of the other sides of the bouquet....featuring 'Margaret Ellen'.

and the final side, featuring 'Lady Liberty' a fabulous white dahlia. What a great almost looks lit from within. Maybe it is?

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Peter Jones said...

The dahlias are incredible. Hope the party is awesome! Oh...and the shamefully late entry for the naming contest is: Junior, by Calvin.