Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recipe of the Week: A Very Happy Daughter

I set a date with Amelia to finally do our first recipe from her own cookbook. We planned for Saturday and she picked Snowball Cupcakes.
Putting in the muffin papers. She loved this job.

Mixing dry ingredients.

Watching the mixer go round and round.

Later that afternoon...frosting...

...sprinkling coconut...

...and sprinkling sprinkles. Another favorite job of hers. :)

I haven't seen her so happy in a while. She proudly served them to "all the boys" after dinner for our Sabbath feast. Happy daughter.
I'm remiss in posting an actual recipe for last week. I'll be posting one in the next couple of days.


Jennie and Julie said...

That was a great smile to serve along with the snowball cupcakes : ) She truly looked very happy. I see that the camera is working, and it seems well because the pictures look great. I liked that you posted a photo from the cookbook first, that really set the stage. It's great to see pictures again...I'm a happy grammy.

Laffing Dawg said...

Oh now this is the greatest post ever. I am sure Amelia will remember this day for years to come. It is precious.

I remember my first cooking experiment was chocolate pudding and I wasn't patient enough to let it cook until it thickened. I can still remember what the kitchen looked like, colors and all, what I was wearing and how proud I was standing there stirring and stirring and stirring..... then drinking.

Thanks girls,