Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun week with Joy

Well, I'm back and rested, and even caught up around the house. I/we had a very good week. I spent it with Joy and her family, while the insurance man enjoyed a few days with his parents in Burns, before coming to pick me up. We spent our days with 2-year-old Macy, scrap booking, watching cartoons, and going to kid events. That mainly consisted of Kendall's games. She is playing 8th grade volleyball for her school, fall softball with a Vancouver team, and soccer. Each game was fun, and I was so glad to get to see her play.

We did manage to slip away one day by ourselves, and went to Bonneville Hot Springs Resort on the Columbia River. After a relaxing morning in the spa and around the pool, we enjoyed a quiet lunch together. On the way home we drove straight to an Outlet Mall, where we did some shopping for Macy's birthday, and a few extras : )
Kory getting a kiss from Macy at a volleyball game!

Our little girl turned three last Saturday, and Joy had a big family barbecue and party. These three years have just flown by, and it was special to spend the week with her.

Kendall is getting so tall now too. She is about to turn 14, and is already for school in the photo. I have three lovely granddaughters in this household, and am enjoying all of them! It was truly a great week.

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