Monday, April 4, 2011

Line Drying

I'm just starting into my Spring Cleaning, and the weather last week was perfect. Warm, partly sunny and VERY breezy. I started out with washing and drying all my doilies and runners, then hanging them out to dry. I love line drying, and with the stiff breeze it couldn't have been better.
I'm so glad that clothesline time is back!

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Anonymous said...

Me Too, Jennie. And oh how I miss my clothes line. This year I hope to find another. When, 26 years ago, my "new" neighbor moved in, I was thrilled by two things. First, she was a 78 year old retired RN; and second, she asked if she could share my clothes line. Our friendship was built around that wonderful space in my back yard.

Such fine memories.