Saturday, April 9, 2011

Used Clothing?

I know that some people are not comfortable buying used clothing. I don't mind that at all. It means that people like me can clothe my children from the new clothes that they buy and don't end up using, for a ridiculously reduced cost. There is a children's consignment clothing store just down the street. Unlike a lot of these types of shops, the prices at this store are below my expectations. I visited the other day, spent 17$ and got:

Gap denim capris and Old Navy girly overalls for Millie, swim trunks for Ben, white blouse and sandals for Cecily, sandals and pajama shorts for Sam, leggings and slippers for Millie *and* dressy shoes for later (they were .99 cents).

Getting nice quality things for a great price makes me smile. :)

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Monica said...

It sounds like you had a successful shopping trip ... well done!