Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Weather

Yesterday we woke again to snow on the ground. I found that these daffies were beat almost to the ground by the cold and snow. I had to go out and 'rescue' them, and what a delightful Easter gift they have made. I found a good poem yesterday, and here it is:

"Rain, rain don't go away,

I love the sky all dark and gray,

It's fun to hear the raindrops play,

Rain, rain don't go away.

Rain, rain stay awhile,

When you pour it makes me smile,

Make my creek the river Nile,

Rain, rain stay awhile.

That says to me, that I need a weather attitude adjustment. So I will enjoy our 'winter' weather a little bit longer, and enjoy the time it's giving me indoors doing my Spring cleaning.

Have a wonderful Easter week-end, meditating and celebrating Jesus!

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