Friday, August 5, 2011

Thank you!!

I don't even know who took this picture. I was looking through the group of images that I just uploaded and found it. But the fact that it was taken, along with a lot of other evidences, point to one thing: the girls LOVE the new cupcake set that Mom sent them! These wooden cupcakes have plastic "frosting" tops, wooden candles that attach with Velcro, sturdy muffin papers, complete with wooden muffin tin to hold them. But that's not all. The best part, which is a huge hit with the girls, are the special markers included that resemble a tube of icing. The markers are used to decorate the plastic tops, adding sprinkles or other designs. They wipe away with a paper towel to be redesigned again later. Seriously? This has been hours of delighted fun for them. Ingenious toy, made by Melissa and Doug, among their many other ingenious creations. Ingenious Grammy for picking it out. :)


Jennie and Julie said...

Thanks for posting this, and helping me out...since I'm feeling a little 'dry' on blogging. I am so very glad that they enjoy the cupcakes, and glad I made the decision to send them when I did. Cute photo and dresses!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie - all is fine here. I am just a tired, frustrated 24/7 x 11 years caregiver. But the beauty of my yard and our incredible Central Oregon area is balm for my battered spirit. I am not the Kathy in trouble mentioned but sometimes feel like it. It is just an emotional roller coaster, especially as I try to do small things for me. God is good and faithful and sovereign though, and that is my foundation and salvation in every aspect. I will talk to you soon and hey, call any time.