Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is the way we think of August, isn't it? Ice cream, barbecues and hot weather. But this year August is not usual here in Central Oregon. As I type this, it's going on 10 am in the morning, and it's only 59 degrees outside. I have been cold for days (like putting on socks before bed, closing the windows and piling on extra blankets) but determined not to put on the heat. It's unnatural to turn on the furnace in August! After a very cool and wet July, I just kept hoping that summer was around the corner and would come out in August. Hm....a couple of days ago our paper reported the following temps for the day: 86 high and 39 low. Yikes, that's a swing of 50 degrees! The 86 degree part felt good, but my body and my garden just didn't know what to do with the 36 degree part.

I have these beautiful blooms on my peas right now....along with my fall mums putting on their buds. Nature is very understandably confused.

I have several big flower pots, both hanging and on the ground, looking pretty showy considering, but the problem isn't how to water enough (like a usual summer) but how to dry them out! One big pot just sits there soaking, even though I haven't watered it in weeks. Weird.

Coreopsis and Lamb's ear. The flower garden looks pretty good as it enjoys the cooler weather. But oh my, the veggies! I'm pretty sure there will never be enough sun to ripen my squash, tomatoes and beans. They are just now blooming with the peas. Oh well, another failed gardening attempt in Central Oregon. It won't be the first. But this summer is a first in the 27 years we have lived here.

The hummingbirds have finally showed up, just in time to enjoy the hollyhocks before frost! I am enjoying my garden, but it's not been warm enough to sit out yet at night. I am going to have to soak up what sun I can for winter.

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