Thursday, August 25, 2011

Waiting For an Updated Kitchen

It seems that every summer we get the itch to do another 'project'. I am so enjoying last summer's project, which was a new seating area and rock flower beds out in the garden. This year we decided to have a few upgrades done to our 1980 kitchen.

This is how it looked last week-end after I emptied out all of the cupboards. We are having our cabinets refinished. The doors are all in the shop to be sanded. Strange to see it all empty.

What a good opportunity to clean out the kitchen cupboards! We are also getting new counter tops, and this photo shows the tile we have enjoyed for 20 years now, just before it got torn out. The grout was never done right, and would not stay in the cracks, where it belonged. But I did want a 'just for the memory' photo of it.

We decided on moving the refrigerator over to the far left, and are having a new deep cupboard built for the right of the frig, and over the top of it. I am thrilled with the new storage space, and can't wait! This also shows the wallpaper that we are leaving on the walls. We stripped off the top paper and old border, and are painting it a light creamy yellow. It will simplify the look considerably.

Of course, the insides of the cupboards must go somewhere... why not in the living room? The insurance man told me I sure had an awful lot of stuff! and of course I told him that all women do, it's just normally all stuffed and hidden.

We had our old light fixture removed (which took up almost all of that ceiling), the drywall patched and new can lighting installed. The light is SO much better : )

Now the counter top man has arrived, to cut the new stone. We decided on 'Quartz', which is made from the tailing's of granite, with the same qualities, but much cheaper.

Here is one photo of the quartz counter top. No grout to mess with or clean. I'm going to like that.

And this is what it looks like today....a GIANT mess. They are doing the sanding and staining of the cupboards. We are hoping to darken the oak a bit, and remove the yellowing that happens to oak as it ages. I think those dry boards will just soak up the new stain and finish.

I can't wait for the finished product, and for the chance to post some 'post' kitchen work photos. Stay tuned....

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Peter Jones said...

Such a process, but so exciting! I'm glad you shared the photos so that I can be prepared for what it's going to look like. Hope you're hanging in there...;)